Behavioral Safety Accreditation (PsyCert*)
The BBS Accreditation Scheme for Contractors and Subcontractors

The Behavior Safety Certification Scheme is a proposed framework for assisting Contractors and Sub-contractors to implement BBS Initiatives at their Worksites (currently in finalization stage with the MOM – Ministry of Manpower, Singapore)

The Policy:

All contractors and sub-contractors (especially those who engage work with the Construction, Shipyards, Electronics, Oil & Chemicals, Metal Working and related industries) are encouraged to be accredited with Behavioral Safety Certification from Psyscan Consulting International so as to be able to adopt and practice Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) measures and procedures in their operations and maintenance work at their worksites.

The Mission:
Contractors and subcontractors will be able to get their operators and contract workers to appreciate the following key BBS issues and practice BBS initiatives:

  1. What is BBS?  Why?  How BBS enhances workers’ safety?
2. The total approach – Safety Trinity at the workplace.

Everyone must adopt safe and healthy practices at all times at the workplace.

4. Help each other adopt safe and healthy habits using the COACH techniques of motivation & change.
5. Correct and modify unsafe attitudes and behaviors tactfully and persuasively using powerful communication tools.
6. Adopt a total approach to include BBS strategies in all typical HSE activities in the company.
The Rationale for the BSC Certification Program
Each year the Construction Industry and the Shipyards experience a significant number of incidents and accidents, which are due to the incorrect or risky workmen behaviors and attitudes.  Such unsafe and risky behaviors have resulted in considerable suffering and loss of lives and damage to assets and pay out of compensation costs.

In most cases, such failures are preventable if the operators and sub-contractors are adequately skilled and properly trained to understand the required safety requirements and adopt BBS strategies during their construction and maintenance work.

This scheme is the result of an initiative and mission by certain organizations like HDB, ST Marine, ST Kinetics, Woh Hup. Petrochemical of Singapore, Sumitomo, etc and their sub-contractors to maximize the chances of achieving the defined performance standards through workers’ commitment and enhanced value towards safety and their adoption of a positive attitude towards personal ownership of their own and their co-workers’ safety at the worksites.

The proposed scheme achieves this by auditing, coaching, training and counseling the subcontractors in ensuring that the necessary BBS processes and skills, training, resources, guided with relevant experience and effective communication are present within their day-to-day operations.

This BSC is not a permanent safety inspection service. Rather, our consultants do check some jobs during the accreditation stage, but their main focus is to ensure that sub-contracting companies have the necessary systems (commitment, planning, training, skills and knowledge) to provide BBS best-practice applications on a continuing and on-going basis.

We need to get all contractors and subcontractors to “Go for Zero” and obtain a Quantum Leap in Safety Excellence. We can eliminate unsafe and at risk behaviors totally in a certain period of time! From double or single digit levels of Loss Time Incident (LTI) or Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) to Zero level!
The Process and Components of BSC
The BSC accreditation scheme provides a system for the verification and accreditation of the safety administration of workers’ safety behaviors.

A Technical Committee comprising our BBS Consultants and industry representatives will provide advice and feedback to the manager responsible for implementation at the particular work site.

The scheme receives applications for accreditation from contractors and subcontractors who will provide details of their work control mechanisms. The suitability of the applicant for accreditation is determined by a process of auditing and interviewing. Close monitoring of projects undertaken by the to-be-accredited organization is maintained to ensure a continuing high standard.
Classes of Accreditation
There will be three classes of accreditation available:

Class 1 :
Basic – Minor work sub-contractors with less than 100 or less workers.

This level covers the basic BBS administration at site.  All contract workers must have attended the BBS Induction Course
(BBS Level 1) and passed the Examination after the course.  All supervisors and safety officers must have attended the BBS Supervisor Course (BBS Level 2). Our BBS consultants will spend about 1-day a month for a whole year period to audit, coach and supervise the BBS strategies at the worksite.

Class 2 :
Intermediate – minor work sub-contractors with 100 to 200 workers.

In addition to Class 1, two BBS Coordinators and 2 BBS Officers must be trained and passed the Examination after attending appropriate Steering Committee Course (BBS Level 1).

Accreditation will also be based on ensuring BBS Incident Investigation skills are applied to all incident and accident cases except first aid cases.

Our BBS consultants will spend about 2-day a month for a whole year to audit, coach and supervise the BBS strategies at the worksite.

Class 3 :
Advanced – General work sub-contractors with workforce more than 200 workers or if the contract sum is more than 5 million Singapore dollars.

In addition to Class 1 & 2, all managers and project engineers must be trained and passed the Examination after attending the appropriate course (BBS Level 3).

BBS Observation and Feedback Sessions (BBSO) should be conducted, and good data should be collected and analyzed to generate informative charts. Improvement actions arising from the BBSO findings should be tracked for follow-through measures.

Accreditation will also be based on ensuring BBS Incident Investigation skills are applied to all incident and accident cases except first aid cases. Our BBS consultants will spend about 3 days a month for a whole year to audit, coach and supervise the BBS strategies at the worksite.
Application for Accreditation:
Contractors should notify their respective Insurer about their participation in the BSC Scheme, so as to request for a part refund or partial support of the BBS Training and Accreditation Scheme.
Inspection and Evaluation.
Once our BSC Manager has received the completed application form and any supporting documentation, the company will be contacted for certification. An assessment visit will be arranged only when the company has substantially met the relevant requirements of the BSC scheme. The inspection and evaluation will be performed by our BBS Consultants chosen by the BSC Manager from a list of approved Consultants.

When the application for accreditation is made, a copy of the standard behavioral checklist and rating procedure will be provided for the contractor’s information and preparation.  The accreditation is renewable biannually (in 2 years).

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