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Many companies in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, have successfully reduced their injury rates with the implementation of Behavior Based Safety (BBS) from 1980’s. Most of them have had the opportunity to work with consultants whose expertise lay in industrial safety and industrial psychology. BBS processes are designed to suit the complexity of work activities and the stage of safety culture development in each organization.

Despite this, many myths and mysteries exist concerning BBS implementation. This is particularly evident in companies that operate without any external consultant support. Singapore-based local and MNC companies started implementing BBS from 2000, with petrochemical companies taking the lead. With the encouragement of the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM), electronics, shipbuilding and construction companies have started reviewing the benefits and attempted to implement BBS. Even more recently, we are seeing the interest in BBS spread across Asia Pacific region, with clients expressing interest in beefing their safety culture and systems from Indonesia to Japan and from the Middle East to the Philippines.

Since it is difficult to simply ‘air-drop’ American or European designed BBS processes into local companies, and there is high costs attached to stationing consultants in local companies to facilitate the implementation. Many companies have actually resorted to the implementation of a few easy components of the program believing that they were implementing the total BBS. Very detailed observation programs have been implemented over and above existing programs. Follow-up action plans inevitably gets bogged down with the mass of observation data collected. The situation is similar to the one of the myths surrounding BBS in the United States (US) too!  It is interesting that in total, the myths and mysteries in US are similar to those in Singapore!

OUR PROPRIETARY APPROACH: Psyscan have assembled a team of industrial psychologists, experienced safety practitioners and system engineers to assist Singapore companies in BBS implementation. With their combined knowledge and experience, they can provide the most cost-effective support to implement a tailor made BBS program for any industrial company.

Psyscan treats BBS as a process. Not a flavor of the month program. It will bring sustained improvements in safety, not simply reactive improvements that disappear when management becomes relaxed. We will review existing facilities and systems in place and establish a baseline before the rollout of BBS. We will train a core team in the fundamental tools of BBS, so that costs can be kept to a minimum. The training programs are designed to capitalize on the average worker’s strengths and, with management’s participation, address any adversarial cultural traits that may hinder BBS effectiveness. Psyscan will be flexible and adjust to individual companies’ constraints. We can design the whole process into modules and introduce them in stages, thus facilitating the evolution of existing safety culture into a stronger safety culture, using the tools of BBS. In the end, it is our hope that we leave each company with a stronger safety culture!

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