Psyscan BBS Data Management System (PsyDMS*) Software
PsyDMS – A Psyscan’s Proprietary Behavioral Data Management Software
Focused feedback is the key to good performance in the workplace. PsyDMS®, our software’s observation data management system comprising corrective action tracking, data analysis, and reporting enable you to easily track the Percent Safe score, the volume of observations and the frequency of good poor behaviors, by company, department, work area or shift and many other useful parameters. Using this software, you’ll also be able to identify the factors that promote or detract from people's ability to perform safely.

Training Workshops

Psyscan’s CBS can provide a 4-day on-site workshop to train your safety administrators on how to use PsyDMS®, our data management software. This will enable participants to set-up the software, create Behavioral checklists, analyze their data, and design and assess the impact of their interventions.
Software Features
Enter and edit user permissions;
A library of existing Behavioral checklists focused on:
Safety Behaviors;
Visible Ongoing Support Behaviors;
Managerial Safety Leadership Behaviors;
Weekly Safety Inspection Checklists.
Develop your own Behavioral checklists on any topic
Corrective Action tracking
Feedback Reports At Multiple Levels on a World-Wide Basis, such as:
Work Areas
Export data into Excel spreadsheets
Allow customizations to suit specific clients’ requirements
And many others

Some illustrations of Data processed through PsyDMS

DMS Monthly Reports : Nov"08
Safety Indicators
Percent Safe Score
Number of Safe & Unsafe Observation
Selected KPIs By DivisionDept
Project Deliverables
Benefits of using PsyDMS

Easy-to-use BBS Software
The PsyDMS is an easy-to-use data analysis, greatly facilitating identification of improvement targets and development of action plans for continuous BBS evaluation.
Facilitates Safety Analysis
The PsyDMS easily identifies behaviors of concern, then using a simple “point and click” to learn when and where they occur. The DMS also allows the generation of pie charts of behaviors - broken down by a selection of variables (by department, location, shift, crew/team, observer, etc.) and produces a report of comments and concerns.
Tracks Participation in Safety Observations
The PsyDMS allows you to easily track the percentage of employees that participate in conducting observations at a level you select (for example, 1 per month, 1 per week, etc.)


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