Psyscan Dedicated Consultancy Support

To ensure maximum client value, we customize our dedicated consulting solutions within a flexible integrated behavior-based safety framework which will fit each client's specific needs.

1.  Behavioral Safety Process Reviews
Behavioral Safety Process Review is not simple: it involves people’s values and beliefs, guiding their behavior, and developing and maintaining robust, effective safety management systems. As such, it’s a major challenge that takes a great deal of time and hard work from everyone involved.  The following are some of our popular Process Reviews: Project & Shutdown Safety Review; Site Risk Assessment; and OSH Surveys.

2.  Site Assessment for Total Safety Culture (TSC) Planning
Employee Involvement & Ownership: To achieve a world-class safety culture, it is vital to develop a safety partnership between your company's leadership and employees. This relies on regular (hourly) input from employees and staff to harness their ownership of, and commitment to, the execution of your cultural change strategy. Given their intimate knowledge of the effectiveness of your current safety improvement efforts, involving them in the planning of the change strategy is the best way to do this.

A site assessment involves assessing potential safety problems that may interfere with a successful introduction of BBS. There are two routes for assessment by:

  1. Focus Group Workshops where your people discover issues and plan the way forward;
  2. Safety Surveys where you discover your workforce perceptions about safety per se.

Focus Group Workshops: To help your people design the appropriate way forward, we conduct various one-day 'Cultural Change Planning' workshops for identifying your workforce values, beliefs and assumptions about safety, your safety routines and safety structures to discover ‘What is’ and ‘What could be’. We develop a 'gap analysis' for facilitating the execution of your safety culture change plans. In particular we tie the 'Behavioral issues identified to our Psyscan's BBS implementation strategy.

Safety Surveys: Through these surveys, we gauge the overall perceptions and morale of your employees and unlock critical cultural information to help improve your overall safety culture. Our online Safety Climate Survey provides you with the ability to survey your whole workforce, quickly and easily. We will empower your workforce to develop an excellent safety culture by arming them with the necessary tools and processes. We tie the 'Behavioral issues identified to Psyscan's BBS implementation strategy.

3.  Behavioral Safety Implementation 4-Step Support
Our dedicated support for BBS Implementation will be based on our evidence and well-tested approach that has maximized our distinctive success in our consultations, which consist of the following phases:

Phase 1: Appreciate, Map & Focus Behavior Change.

  This involves discussion with focused groups and surveys and requires 4 days and covers:
1. Tell & Sell - Briefing all concerned about the process;
2. Scope of the process - Deciding who and what will be involved;

Strategy for Implementation of change - Customizing the process to suit the client needs.

Phase 2: Train, Qualify and Promote Behavior Change.

  This involves extensive discussion, deliberations and action planning with a designated project team and requires 5 days and covers:
1. Building a dedicated process for success;
2. Developing Behavioral measurement tools;

Training people in Behavioral principles;

  4. Maintaining your process for long-term success;
  5. Analyzing data to develop continuous improvement strategies.

Phase 3: Implementing, Guiding, & Preparing for Target Zero.

  This involves working with workers, supervisors, managers and professionals in installing the following:
1. Identify specific problems - which behaviors, systems, etc., are involved in the majority of incidents;
2. Align management support - develop upon agreed safety leadership checklists;

Train observers - Teach people how to observe and intervene constructively when seeing unsafe Behavior;

  4. Set improvement targets - Facilitate workgroups setting their own improvement targets;
  5. Provide feedback - Analyzing observation results to provide written reports.

Phase 4: Evaluate, Report & Sustain:

  This involves regular process reviews to optimize the process and covers:
1. Quarterly Reviews - Conducted for the first 2 years to ensure process is functioning effectively;
2. Annual Sustainability Reviews - Conducted after the first 2 years, to help with continuous improvement .

4. Other Specialized Advanced Behavioral Technologies
Psyscan offer a range of products that are at the leading edge of safety and health management and maintain key principles of being practical, efficient and user friendly. Used by organizations in such industries as manufacturing, construction, shipping, and oil and gas sectors, Psyscan products are having a positive impact on the performance of organizations striving for excellence in safety and health management. We offer a wide range of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) consulting services that deliver best practice solutions and quality services. Qualified and experienced consultants provide assistance to organizations to meet the challenge to continually improve the management of safety and health. We have consultation in such areas as: Safe Task Assessment & review; Work Equipment Area Review; Task Risk Management.

On-Site Consultation and Training
Behavior-Based Safety Implementation, Evaluation, and Enhancement.
The Center for Behavioral Safety (CBS) specializes in customizing Behavior-Based Safety to fit your needs. Producing on average a 50% reduction in injuries during the first year, involving us in your implementation of Behavior-Based Safety will help you to develop an employee-owned safety process that is sure to get your safety program on the fast track to world class.
Organizational Culture Assessment and Improvement.
Sometimes called a Safety Culture Survey, our Culture Assessment process uses a combination of paper and pencil surveys and focus group interviews to identify strengths and weaknesses in your work culture. A written report provides detailed quantitative and qualitative results, including solutions for weaknesses that represent obstacles to optimal workplace performance.
Evidence-Based Leadership.
Sometimes called a Safety Culture Survey, our Culture Assessment process uses a combination of paper and pencil surveys and focus group interviews to identify strengths and weaknesses in your work culture. A written report provides detailed quantitative and qualitative results, including solutions for weaknesses that represent obstacles to optimal workplace performance.

Focus on Safety Leadership
The role of leadership cannot be overemphasized in the success of a behavior-based safety process. Safety leadership is vital, whether it is from formal or informal leaders throughout an organization. Formal leadership includes supervisors and managers. Informal leaders are employees who take a special interest in safety; they are often union leaders and other employees who are well-respected by coworkers. To maximize the success of Behavioral safety improvement efforts, leadership responsibilities must be defined for both formal and informal leaders. Supervisors and managers should generally conduct observations as part of a Behavioral safety process. Both types of leaders share important responsibilities for supporting safety.

Certain practices serve as the framework for supporting Psychology based approach. Executives and Sponsors must model these behaviors for the teams involved in the COACH implementation and for employees participating in the process. These behaviors will help you support the Design Team and Steering Committees in the organization as they bring about change the “right” way.

Train the Trainer Certification
We can help prepare and certify your organization’s own internal consultants to design and implement Psyscan BBS at multiple locations under a license agreement with us. After an intensive and rigorous training experience, the certification process involves our personnel 'mentoring' your internal consultants through one or more BBS implementations. Your internal consultants become more accountable and take more responsibility with each successive implementation. Once your internal consultants can demonstrate their independence with a successful 'stand-alone' implementation, they are certified. After completing our certification process, internal consultants can lead future implementations and adjust the process as necessary without any further assistance.

Incidental Workshops and Conference Talk

We have a team of consultants who are available for on-site and conference speaking engagements. Using a concise, entertaining and informative style, our consultants would be happy to customize a seminar to fit your specific needs. Below is a partial list with descriptions of the seminars most often requested:

Introduction to Behavior-Based Safety.
Has your company reached a safety plateau?
Are you concerned by a pattern of safety reflected by a good year followed by a bad year?

You can learn to effectively manage the human side of safety and achieve your organization’s full safety potential.

Solving Workplace Communication Problems.
Have you found yourself repeating information over and over again?
Are your meetings too long and not productive?

Poor communication is a problem that plagues many businesses and results in millions of dollars of lost productivity each year. You can learn to hold more effective and efficient meetings, train more effectively, and be more successful in “getting the word out.” Available as a short talk, half-day, or full-day workshop.

Evidence-Based Leadership.
Do your employees complain about work and do just enough to get by?
Do they follow procedures when you’re watching, but fail to pay attention when you’re not?

Many businesses use less than the best strategies to motivate their employees. Learn a simple procedure that will improve your employees’ work ethic and attitude about work. Available as a short talk, half-day, full-day, or 3-day workshop.

Other Specialized Advanced Behavioral Technologies are also available:
Impactful and Powerful Communication Strategies for Safety Officers
Managing Conflicts effectively for Safety Officers
Human Error Incident Analysis
Case Scene Investigations
Serious Incident Prevention
Observer Training Support
Safety Training Package Development
Monitoring, Measuring & Managing World Class Safety Mindsets
Behavioral Ergonomics Training for Behavioral-Safety Teams

Contact us We can support you with our latest Behavioral technologies to meet your needs.

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