Psychological and Organizational Workshops
Psyscan has successfully conducted psychological and organizational management courses and workshops in the Asia Pacific region, with experience extending from Japan in the North to Indonesia in the South and from the Indian continent in the West to the Philippines in the East. From these, Psyscan has accumulated a wealth of experience handling workshops with participants from diverse cultural backgrounds, including participants from major MNC corporations, to indigenous local companies. One differentiating characteristics of Psyscan’s organizational development and behavioural technologies workshops is that we use psychological principles and positive reinforcement in presenting the concepts to the participants.

Typically, Psyscan’s workshops are conducted as an interactive participation-cum-discussion, supported with short lectures, case illustrations, and supplemented with role-plays, short exercises and group assignments (where class size permits). You can be assured that it will be interactive and practical, so as to build the bridge between establishing principles and practice. This shall allow the participants to take home the full benefits of the workshop.

Below is a brief collection of some of our psychological-centric workshops.

Psyscan’s psychological-centric workshops are customizable and designable to fit specifically to your organisation’s unique requirements. So further information, please contact us .

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