The Foundations

You know your business. We know behavior. Together we can design BBS systems to insure a safer, more productive and profitable workplace! Our behavior based safety and performance management systems will enable your company to improve Quality and Safety and give you a competitive Edge in business performance.

Psyscan’s Consultants will assist clients with the planning, design and implementation of systems and processes that make measurable, lasting improvements in operations and financial performance. Our Behavior-Based Safety process is specifically designed to be non-threatening, collaborative and simple. This is because “safe” seems like the right and natural way.

BBS is a positive, employee driven, system of safety observations, feedback, and problem-solving that is highly effective and extensively field-tested. We build & implement in-house, customized & site-specific Behavior-Based Safety programs specifically designed to merge with each organization's day-to-day safety & compliance responsibilities.

These various training programs are aimed to imbue in everyone (operators, contractors, supervisors and managers) working in your organization a sense of personal and collective responsibility to ensure that everyone returns home safely at the end of each work day and all customers’ or company’s assets are well secured, protected and in safe custody in your worksites. 


Unsafe and at-risk behaviors are considered the most critical cause of accidents and injuries in the work environment with heavy engineering facilities. Every engineer and researcher, besides the safety supervisor or manager must learn various ways to increase his ability to understand and observe safety concepts and to enhance his communication skills in intervention into the safety of his co-engineers at the manufacturing or process lines effectively and successfully.  He must also be able to integrate hazard control psychology with human values, attitudes and habits.

Psyscan offers the most comprehensive Behavior Based Safety Training Series. We have the newest tool to supplement your existing observation and feedback training and/or revitalize your current behavior-based safety process. 'Our range of training and records management systems (Psyscan's Proprietary Data Management System) make life easier and work more productive for you. Psyscan offer a range of products that are at the leading edge of safety and health management and maintain key principles of being practical, efficient and user friendly. Used by organizations in such industries as manufacturing, construction, shipping, and oil and gas sectors, Psyscan products are having a positive impact on the performance of organizations striving for excellence in safety and health management.  

For in-house corporate delivery of workshops, our standard rates start from S$3,100 onwards, per day for a maximum of 20 participants per workshop.

Psyscan Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Foundations

BBS Level 1: BBS for Workers

  (1-day Working Safely Workshop for Workers & Contractors)
To provide BBS basic concepts, coaching process and intervention tools to participants.
What is BBS?
Why BBS?
How At-Risk Behavior can cause Unsafe Conditions.
What is BBSO?
The C.O.A.C.H Process & Toolkits.
How to participate in BBSO and provide feedback.
Video show on BBSO.
Detailed Outline : CObbsLevel1.pdf
Duration: 8 hours (1 Day)
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